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Whats next?
With our financial analysis we can set up the "Creative Planning Program" and do the following:
Establish your retirement plan! Knowing what you will need and want to live a comfortable lifestyle!
College Planing!
Setting aside money & acquiring state or federal funds. Community schools vs Universities?
Wealth Planning!
Understanding your comfort and sacrifices to gain financial freedom.
Index Annuities with riders! When do these options help you. When is the right time?
Set up Trust Funds! To control and to protect you financial wealth and property.
"Power of Attorney" Never wait to the last minute. Designating someone when you can't make those important life or financial decision when your are incapable or incapacitated.   
Help you set up your Will! You can even control your wealth distribution by setting up guide lines.
Go over your
Life Settlements! These are financial plans that cash out over a period of time.
Help with your
Final Expenses! Planning ahead makes sense. Don't be a burden to others.
Helping you set up your
Emergency Fund! You really should have 6 months worth of savings set aside.
Our financial services include:
Roll-overs, 1035 Exchanges, Indexed Annuities, Whole Life, Universal Life, Mortgage Protection Plans, Simplified Issues, Guaranteed Issues, Health Insurance Coverage, Transferable Insurance Policies and Life Settlements, Wills and Trust Funds.
Now more than ever we asst with
Stopping Foreclosures and a Short Sale Program.
$50,000 Business line of Credit program
, Rehab Loan and Commercial Loan programs, Account Receivables, Student Loan buy out program, Blanket Loan programs. 
Helping clients with Homeowners Tax Credit assistance.
We have a very special program.The "Pot of Gold" investment package. A very strong money program that creates wealth! Making money make money!. Check with us for more variations of this program.
For more information on our
Health Insurance program, you can contact us.  
The Greatest People!
Here at Financial Impact, Inc. we are Chartered Senior Financial Planners and Certified Estate Advisers. Knowledgeable Wealth Producers.  We produce a very detailed annual financial analysis. We have versatile money programs. You are exposed to a full service institute. We conduct financial seminars and workshops, so we can reach out to more people that are concerned about their retirement plans and investment needs. Our professional staff is here to assist you in achieving your financial impact!

It's a Possibility!
Has a Financial Planner it is my obligation to help my clients make money and save money!
For those reasons I came across some opportunities that can help my clients make or save money from an extra source of income opportunities. I have personally involve myself in these programs and am making monthly residuals and in some cases daily profit has well. Please contact me for more information.

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