Financial Impact, Inc.
"Creating the Possibilities for You"

Financial Impact, Inc.

Our mission is to create the possibilities of empowering you to achieve financial security!

Our Commitment!

Our commitment to you is what transform a promise into a reality. We can leverage our experience, integrity, professionalism, teamwork and innovation to create a financial future for you.

Our Company's Focus!

Financial Impact, Inc. is a financial advisory institution with an unsurpassed commitment to provide superior personal service to our clients. We specialize  in individual retirement planning and wealth management.
Our team of professionals customize a comprehensive financial plans based on your needs and financial goals. We give our clients the personal attention they desire. We strive to educate our clients toward safe money management. Our financial planning strategies teach wealth building habits that provide the choices and flexibility as well as access to your assets for you and your family.

Your financial freedom is secured only by the way you invest your time and money. We can show you how and why it's important.

Isn't it nice to do the things you want to do when you want to?
Having that freedom is priceless......
With everything changing today we find ourselves in need of more help than before. We have extended our services to help more of people needs and wants. There is more of a demand for these featured products:

We now help people stop foreclosures. Our process is simple and effective. 
We offer Guaranteed $50,000 Business Line of Credit. Helping businesses get their business running more effectively. 
Need assistance with rehabbing homes?  We can provide help in obtaining funds for your project. 
Sometimes we find ourselves in need of repairing our credit. We have the ability to restore and improve your credit score. You may not know just how much of everything is based on your credit score.
Running a business and waiting for those account receivables is sometimes a frustration. By providing immediate source of cash flow for your company. 
With the rising cost of college education you find yourself having to apply for more college loans. You may find yourself having a hard time to pay back your college loans and will need our student buy out program. If you fall behind we have solutions for you.  
Attend one our workshops and get solutions to your questions and  understand the importance of planning for your future and the future needs of your family!

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