Financial Impact, Inc.
"Creating the Possibilities for You"

Financial Empowerment:

   "We create the possibilities of empowering you to achieve financial security!"
Our market will always be families....past, present and future;
                                    Our secondary market; are young single professionals;
                                                                            Plus our more experience group; Grandparents.

With our various life products and investment plans we can enable any client a clear path to a Financial Impact! Helping our clients understand their options clearly gives them a successful achieve their dreams.
Wouldn't it be nice to wake up at your retirement age with financial security? You can achieve this by setting up a financial plan. You determine when you want to retire. Ask yourself what would I like to do when I retire? Do you want to travel? Would you like to just lay back and relax? You design and determine your game plan. We can look over your investments and goal setting desires. Then we can analyze your assets and design a plan for you. Having a protection plan for you and your  family is extremely important to have. That will determine your comfort zone for your future. Let us help you pick out the right products and services. So you and your family can enjoy the benefits of a good lifestyle you planned for.
One of our most exciting workshops is called "Creative Planning" people are excited to hear about this program! Through our seminar workshops you will discover how to use your equity as an investment! How to increase your retirement income to help you achieve financial freedom.  We solve problems with solutions! 
What steps do you need to take to insure yourself a rewarding lifestyle? First we have to review your financial status and future requirements. Then we need to determine how much life insurance you and your spouse may need to protect your family properly. We also look at our other versatile wealth programs. We determine this by using our lifeline analyzed program. Our process will guide you to wealth building program. Planning for your future needs after 65 is not easy. Top question; Did I set enough money to last me those 20 to 30 years of retirement? Today's singles must plan early now to ensure themselves a comfortable lifestyle. We also have and include a wellness program in our workshops!
We everything changing we are assisting people in Stopping Foreclosures. We point out that most of the time the Chain of Title Analysis and Mortgage Fraud Investigation addresses the primary issues surrounding the chain of title of a securitized mortgage and the subsequent foreclosure of the home, and exposes potential violations to the borrower or subsequent title holder to either defend against foreclosure or to secure settlement to the property through judicial means.
Everything you do is effected by your credit. Now more than ever! 79% of all Consumers Credit Reports contained errors! About 40% of those consumers were denied credit due to those errors. Like your car insurance, your credit card interest, the power to borrow or purchase items on a time payment plans. With our Credit Restoration Program you will be able to monitor the corrections and deletions of negative inaccurate,
unverifiable, and incomplete information from the results you mailed to our office. 
We help you obtain a $50,000 Business Line of Credit. So you can operate your business and function properly when you need that extra help. We help you establish your business credit.
Our Student Buy Out Program is a life saver for those who fall behind their payments. We have our investors purchase your student loan. Your credit report shows loan paid off and now you pay our investors at a much lower monthly payment.
Need our Rehab Loan Program or Commercial Loans Looking for money to fix, acquire or flip property. The minimum is $50,000 We assist you in obtaining financial help.
Account Receivables it's for those who are waiting for their funds to continue to operate their business. We arrange fast and timely process and can continue this process for the business owner on a monthly basis.
Tax Appeals Program.Sometimes home owners need help filing the right paper work to get the right results.

With out team of professionals, Certified Estate Advisors, Certified Senior Financial Planners and Financial Advisors we can focus on your financial needs. We can explain why your life insurance coverage are important. The need for retirement planning. We explain why final expenses, wills and trust funds play an important role in your life. We will ask you, did you set aside enough emergency funds? (this is usually from $3,000 to $5,000) What kind of educational cost will you need to plan for? Are you setting aside enough cash for your long term requirements? Do you have a 401K? Do you have a savings or business account? A pension plan? Stocks? Annuities? How will you use them? How will it affect your tax bracket? 
Plus with our new services, Stopping Foreclosures, Credit Repair, $50K Business Line of Credit, Rehab Loans, Account Receivables, Student Loan Buy Outs,  
We can help you answer any of these questions you may have. We concentrate on solutions!
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