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The possibilities of retiring with peace of mind!
The Opportunities;
Unfortunately today a lot of people are not planning for their retirement. When they decide to, it's sometimes too late. People are living a lot longer these days and they are realizing that the government is cutting back services and benefits. People today are more willing to hear what they need to do. We have the ability to service and create solutions!
Their are common obstacles that often impede the planning process. these include; Lack of direction, Procrastination, Debt, Inflation, Taxes, Emergencies. What if you fail to plan? Federal statistics show that by the age of 65....
                        17 of 100 Americans had died prior to age 65
                        24 had annual income under $10,000
                        52 had incomes between $10,00 and $50,000
                        Only 8 out 100 people had incomes over $50,000

Being in that select 7% takes planning!
Today's lifestyle is much different than it was when we were growing up. Since people are living a lot longer these days the fear that they have is unprepared or under funded.
The Facts and The Power!
Nearly 10 million boomers are now raising kids or supporting an adult child while giving financial aid to an aging parent.
Avoid surprises, talk to your parents about how they're going to handle it financially if they become ill or incapacitated.
In an event of an emergency you will need legal authority to act swiftly on your parents behalf if they are widowed.
You will also need a durable power of attorney authorizing someone to sign checks, pay bills and make financial decisions on their behalf.
Authorizing someone to make medical decisions and a living will outlining their wishes if life sustaining medical care is needed.
The #1 financial hurdle for the elderly is the cost of long-term living. Extended home care can easily reach $50,000 to $100,000 a year or more.
You need to know if you have long-term care insurance or enough savings to cover the cost?
Take care of yourself first! It's imperative that you save money for retirement.That should be the one of the first priority for most people.
The last thing you want for your own children one day is to be stuck in the same financial squeeze you're worrying about now!
With proper planning and the right resources we can help you make it happen!
Let us enable you to secure  a financial future with our team of professionals.
Through our aggressive product analysis, your goals will become a reality!
Take for instant little Tommy, "Once upon a time their was young boy name Tommy who found an old wrinkly dollar. He pulled that old wrinkly dollar out of his pocket and raised his small little hand and said to his father could I run to the store and buy some candy? His father saw in Tommie's eyes the joy it gave his son that he could buy some candy with his new found fortune! Tommie's dad changed the dollar bill into some change and counted ninety cents and he lean over and told his son he would set aside the 10 cents for a rainy day dropped it into a glass jar. Tommy ran has fast has he could to the dime store and bought all the candy he could carry in his little hand...You see Tommy may not understood what his father was doing but that was the start of a savings plan for his future. We start with a basic approach that will create wealth!
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